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Equal Access Denied Sport Fishermen and Subsistence Users.
By Lloyd Gossman


January 19, 2010
Tuesday PM

Equal Access to Fishery Resources is being denied to Alaska's Sport Fisherman and Subsistence users. An Alaska Board of Fish (BOF) recent poor decision in restarting a Summer Dungeness Crab fishery that had been closed for nearly 25 years demonstrates the need for change in many of the processes by which we manage our resources. Commercial fishing Dungeness crab in the summer when they are molting, reproducing, and of low quality has wasted millions of pounds of the resource and is damaging the resource forever. This is not a sustained yield method of management.

When the BOF makes a bad decision or is led astray by a board member representing special interests, even the ADF&G must support the destructive management practices that are put in place. Alaska Statue has given the BOF the "Ultimate Authority". ADF&G may have the ability to stop damaging fisheries from taking place, but it does not have the courage go against the BOF. Courts hearing cases against bad fisheries are reminded by the BOF Attorney that they cannot consider what is good for the resource; they must follow Alaska Statutes that give the BOF Ultimate Authority.

Alaskans are being misrepresented by the current BOF process and resources are being damaged or lost forever. 1). Please contact your local legislators and tell them to establish Regional Boards of Fish. This will allow for fair and equal representation. 2). Ask your local legislator to take the "Ultimate Authority" away from the Board of Fish. It is being abused and the ADF&G will not go against the BOF wishes. 3) Ask your legislator to stop management of fisheries by using Commercial Fish Catch Results. This practice prohibits good management and is wiping out our resources.

Lloyd Gossman
Ketchikan, AK


Received January 19, 2009 - Published January 19, 2010



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