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Expand your horizons
By Roberta Shields


January 14, 2010
Thursday PM

Now, now Ms Richardson aren't you being "judgmental" regarding Mr. Borders and his hyperbole about his dog being a democrat. His thoughts on the subject were actually quite amusing and by the tone of your response must have hit a sensitive nerve.

Interestingly there have been other SITNEWS jousts resultant of similar reactions such as yours -- as the time Al Johnson pointed out how liberals/democrats instinctively resort to name calling rather than an objective debate whenever challenged.

The way it works is, when someone says something you disagree with, you simply cast out the old racist, sexist, blah blah blah homophobe slur. That automatically creates the impression that the individual is a Neanderthal. This neutralizes that person's credibility and no further discussion is necessary or possible. Isn't that the way it works Ms Richardson? Walla! No need for any critical thinking. No debate, no challenge.

This technique is most effective in eliminating any possible intellectual discourse that may lead to enlightenment when irrefutable facts and data are disclosed.

By dismissing Mr. Borders as bigoted and intolerant it seems to reflect that you are perhaps of that mentality. I mean if you didn't have a closed mind wouldn't you at least be curious what caused his line of thinking? I was always taught "Inquiring minds want to know". Perhaps you feel at risk of finding out that your way of thinking is erroneous?

Do you ever wonder why the popular culture encourages us to avoid controversy at all costs? Why our language is being changed so certain words and phrases are off limits? Why must we all speak the politically correct language or Newspeak as in George Orwell's 1984 or else! I know. We must not hurt people's feelings. We must have harmony (Kumbya) at all costs--even the cost of truth and objectivity.

I can find no hate or intolerance in Mr. Borders' comments. Only a wicked (with a wink) challenge for someone to verbally spar with him. Are you willing and able to pit your skills in logic, reasoning and knowledge of certain self evident truths against Mr. Borders?

Try it for a change. It could "expand your horizons", open your mind even!

Roberta Shields
Ketchikan, AK

About: " 68 year old lifetime student of history and politics. 30 year resident of Ketchikan."

Received January 12, 2009 - Published January 14, 2010


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