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By Don Borders


January 14, 2010
Thursday PM

I could tell by the tone of Lou Ann Richardson's voice, written in her viewpoint reply, she was hurt when she "picked up" the brush and "painted on" her democratic shoes, she must have felt much pain when finished. I had tears of joy and then pain for her streaming down my face as I read her painfully emotional rebuttal.

I suspect Ms. Richardson is a lifelong hard working person. Moreover, she is extremely sincere in her efforts. However, history is full of very hard working sincere people who have been found sincerely wrong.

If those Democratic shoes hurt your feet try a different shoe. I can only suggest one which is lighter in style and less confining, Perhaps ones which are made by a different brand, Republic brand, which are narrower in scope and have a much simpler construction making the effort to put them on daily a much, much easier task. With a new conservative styled shoe, Ms. Richardson can throw out many of the more radical designs because they clutter "closets" and only confuse you and others, in which occasion you choose to put them on.

P.S. My dog is doing well, thank you of your concern.

Don Borders
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Member of the fastest growing majority, of elders, whose' swelling ranks are bubbling with conventional and practical wisdom and lifestyle viewpoints freely passed to the dwindling minority."

Received January 13, 2009 - Published January 14, 2010


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