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Make a difference, Healthy Living!
By Terri Bermudez


January 06, 2010

Recently I did a PSA radio ad, what I feel is a honest attempt to reach out to an addict, or someone who may still be suffering with Meth addiction. I learned the hard way, and believe me it does not need to end up like my situation did. Long story short, I was BAD. I sold drugs in this little town to SUPPORT MY METH habit.

Jan,2005 I was found Guilty of selling Meth -- it only takes one sale to end up in JAIL. JAIL is no where for a mother, sister, or daughter to be, it's not a caring place, you do not get any freedom behind those walls.

You think you have friends now while you're getting high, you just wait, they all disappear. They NEVER visit you, and when you get out of jail, those so called friends have not changed, they are still getting high -- losing their homes, cars, well you name it they lost it.

My message here is to you, I hope you have heard what I said, please know there are Narcotics Anonymous Meetings here in Ketchikan and you are welcome!!

I'm now Proud and living proof that once you start METH you can stop!!

Do not listen to people when they say ONCE you start METH you Cannot Stop,

On September 29th 2009, I celebrated 4 years in recovery and off METH! And on Jan, 7th I will be off Felony Probation, and the only way this was accomplished was by Staying off METH!

What has happened to the Kar house? When will Ketchikan get a Treatment and Recovery Center? We need a safe place for local addicts so they can safely detox and get on that Road to recovery from Alcohol And drug Abuse. A treatment center will save many lives!

Terri Bermudez
Ketchikan, AK

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Received January 05, 2009 - Published January 06, 2010


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