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High school cop
By Robert McRoberts


January 06, 2010

We've got to make up our mind about this. I've heard people say just having the cop car parked outside the school is a deterrent. I feel the students are use to the cop and they know how to avoid the cop now. What I would like to see is what has been accomplished by having a cop at the high school for the last few years. How much drugs have been confiscated and have the people that supplied the drugs been caught? This is where I feel we are wasting money if nothing is done. If we're not going to make life a living hell for the cooks and the dealers that supply the kids, we are wasting our time.

I grew up here, I went to school and have many friends with kids in school. I have heard stories of adults getting high with the kids, getting them hooked up. I am sorry but if I ever find some one trying to get my child whacked out, they will not have a nice trip. Don't get me wrong, I feel weed should be legalized but only for 21 year olds since it is better than drinking. But our school's problem is not weed, it's these other ways of getting high. If a kid in school is caught selling drugs what happen to that child? We need to make sure every child that sell drugs pays a price to his community. If a death is involved -- it's murder. Until we make it tough on the people we are just throwing money out.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK

Received January 06, 2009 - Published January 06, 2010


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