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HB 66 Offers Incentives for Installing Renewables


January 22, 2009

Juneau, Alaska - Five members of the Alaska State House Majority have introduced legislation to promote renewable energy generation in Alaska. House Bill (HB) 66 introduced by Representatives Paul Seaton (R-Homer), Alan Austerman (R-Kodiak), Carl Gatto (R-Palmer), Jay Ramras (R-Fairbanks) and Cathy Munoz (R-Juneau) would provide an incentive for home and business owners to install renewable energy generation equipment to offset their monthly electric bills.

"Support has been building over the past year for a statewide net metering policy that will encourage Alaskan homeowners to generate energy from renewable sources," Seaton said. "When the issue was before the Regulatory Commission of Alaska this summer, it generated the most public comment on one issue in the history of the agency."

HB 66 will give home or business owners the ability to generate electricity from wind, solar, or other renewable sources use the electricity on site and any excess generation will flow onto the grid for other customers. The customer would receive a kilowatt hour credit for the excess generation and this credit would roll forward into the next month's bill for up to one year.

"This is one of the easiest steps that Alaska can take to reduce the consumption of non-renewable fossil fuels," Austerman said. This allows our citizens to become part of the solution, not part of the problem. I look forward to working with the local power producers to make this happen."

"This is the first time individuals and businesses have the opportunity to producers as well as consumers," Gatto said. This legislation would give the public the opportunity to lower their own electric bills and that is something they are excited and energize about."

"Accommodating energy production for the residential and commercial sector that goes back onto the grid is a vital part of the 21st century energy metric," Ramras said.

"Net metering is used in many states to encourage small scale alternative energy projects," Munoz said. The ability to save money while helping the environment is a great motivator."

HB 66 was referred to the House Special Committee on Energy.


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