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Automotive Insurance
By Nancy York


January 26, 2009

I have a question if anyone can answer. I was talking to a friend on the telephone about automotive liability insurance, which is mandatory in the state of California where he resides. That is, once you are face to face with the DMV clerk to obtain your vehicle registration, they ask the usual question, "Do you have proof of liability insurance?" And you MUST show them proof. I have returned to Ketchikan after being out a few years residing in the state of Oregon where the driver MUST show proof of at least liability coverage. Although I carry full coverage insurance and after chatting with my insurance agent at State Farm, she mentioned to me that most Alaskans do not carry full coverage insurance and a lot don't even carry liability automotive insurance.

Now, when I was at the DMV getting my registration and tags, of course, the DMV clerk asked me, "Can you prove that you carry at least liability insurance?" And of course, my answer was yes. Keep in mind that at the Alaska DMV, they only asked if I could provide the proof. They didn't bother to actually physically see with their eyes that, yes indeed, the driver does have at least liability insurance coverage.

Now, why and how is it that the state of Alaska can have minor loopholes for such an infraction to exist when obtaining one's automitive registration? Or am I missing something here?

Nancy York
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Returning Ketchikanite"

Received January 24, 2009 - Published January 26, 2009


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