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RE: Horrible Roads
By Zac Young


January 23, 2009

You should be ashamed of your selfish nature, Ms Lawrence. What did the City of Ketchikan do to deserve such bashing from you? Do you not remember waking up 3 days in a row with massive amounts of snow on your car, in your yard, and on the roads? Do you not remember EVERYONE in town saying (something to the effect of) "WOW!! I can't remember ever getting this much snow in such a short amount of time!" ??? Do you remember just the previous week seeing how a city the size of Seattle WA was handling the massive amount of snow, no doubt from the same storm that brought us our "Winter Wonderland?" The whole of Southern Southeast Alaska was in the same boat that you and I were in. A WHOLE DAMN LOT OF SNOW!!

Of course there was a berm in the middle of the road for a few days!! The same way that if your house burned down, or your car got wrecked, or you boat sank, it would undoubtedly remain that way for at least a few days until the logistics could get worked out so something could be done!! I, for one, am a BIG FAN of the winter time. But I also realize that many do not like or enjoy the snow. I have but one thing to say to you....YOU LIVE IN ALASKA! SNOW HAPPENS!

Now, had the city cleared the roads the first night we had snow, (assuming, of course, that the city had enough equipment and manpower to get ALL the snow removed on the first night), they would have been out the 2nd, and 3rd, and 4th and 5th nights of snowfall, basically wasting time each night. The snow storm was scheduled to last at LEAST 3 days!! By waiting for the brunt of the storm to pass, the city saved money, they allowed the equipment operators and laborers time to rest up and be in proper health and mindset to properly complete the job of snow removal, and lastly, they saved money!! (Oh yeah I already mentioned that.)

As far as I am concerned, "The Berm" was a wonderful addition to the Holiday season. I see it like this. Because of "The Berm", 3 things happened. 1.) People slowed down in their annual holiday rush to get last minute gifts and to get to Aunt So and So's before the turkey got cold. 2.) It added a little festive look so Ketchikan did indeed have a "White Christmas", and 3.) It added a safety cushion to me and my loved ones in my vehicle, should we encounter a drunk driver out on the road. That berm would have saved my life, and yours, and anyone else who may have been hit head on by someone who had a little too much Egg Nog!!

So, you see, Ms. Lawrence, the City is not at ALL deserving of the low blow you dealt to it, but rather very worthy of the kudos and congratulations of a job well done for what I like to call "The Perfect Holiday Storm!"

Good On Ya, City of Ketchikan!! I'm proud of you for the work you did!!

Zak Young
Ketchikan, AK

About: "4 year Ketchikan Resident, Life Long Alaskan"

Received January 22, 2009 - Published January 23, 2009


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