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Gas Prices, You know it !
By Ed Vitorino


January 06, 2009

Yes, we are going to keep talking about it. This time I find it funny and very interesting of how these fuel stations are ripping off the tax payers (at the pump) and not to mention friends and neighbors of the fuel station owners. Are they really your friends at that point?
Check this out. I commend Tatsuda's IGA for lowering their regular gasoline price to $1.99. That is awesome. Safeway assistant manager last week told me that they report competition prices to headquarters twice a day. Lets see what's going to come out of that. I do find it ridiculous the fact that the difference between regular to premium and super are huge. Historically they should be .10 cents difference from each other. Diesel on the other hand is a subject on its own. It's a bi-product of gasoline and still cheaper to manufacture due to new EPA regulations. We have a much bigger use for diesel then regular gas. Its home and industrial heating, generators, construction trucks, fishing boats, ferry boats, etc. and the price will not come down easily. The demand for diesel is much higher and worst of all, winter is here and we need it for heating. Truthfully, my heating budget has never been better. Between a wood stove in the living room and the 4 auto temperature electric heaters throughout the house have saved me thousands. Yes thousands. Electric is only .09 cents a kilowatt here and I can run these heaters that were purchased through

I also commend Ken Horn and many others for taking part of their day off to stand on those 2 corners in the cold weather. I thank you.

The oil industry today is hurting because there is lower demand and higher supply. That's why OPEC met and reduced the output by 2 million barrels a day. Soon they will have to do it again. If we can reduce the consumption of gas and diesel in town, the same thing will happen. Pick a gas station that offers the cheapest gas. On the east coast people traveled a long way to get the cheapest gas. We have only one road on this Island and people work and do business mostly in town. Tatsuda's is the place to go right now with $1.99 as per the other writers.

Ed Vitorino
Ketchikan, AK


Received December 23, 2008 - Published January 06, 2009



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