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Complaints about roaming cats
By Alice Bajno


January 06, 2009

I love my garden too. But I think a living, breathing creature is beautiful and I don't make a fuss when my neighbor's cat uses my garden as a litter box. I just clean it up and get on with life. There are many much more troubling, serious issues that could appear in your life at any moment. Something tragic could happen and you would find these little interruptions so trivial and ridiculous. Life is not meant to be perfect. Consider all the blessings in your life and learn to live with your neighbors and all of God's creatures. After all, they are here for our enjoyment. Trapping and removing someone's pet to a shelter is absurd. How about talking to your neighbor first. It is the spoiled brat mentality of so many Americans who live comfortably and forget all that is good in their lives that makes this type of behavior reprehensible.

PS The organic matter that your neighbor's cat deposits into your soil is merely fertilizer. With the exception of a few plants that cannot tolerate urine, nothing horrible will happen to your lovely garden. Leave the cats alone and stop terrorizing your neighbors and especially their young children.

Alice Bajno
Brooklyn, NY

About: "I have managed cat colonies for many years and believe that people need to start treating animals with respect."

Received December 30, 2008 - Published January 06, 2009



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