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Trashing Ketchikan
By Tom Ferry


January 29, 2008

The only way to catch the hillbilly trashers is to install a network of video cameras with motion detectors and infrared. There is a power source on every power pole and could send the video when triggered by motion to the Cegelske control lair which would record the hicks dumping their junk on a digital recorder.

The technology nowadays is unbelievable and should be used. If these tactics are not employed then it will be hopeless to catch these deliverance characters

If I were Mr. Cegelske, I would go talk to the guys at BCS and see what it would cost and then go to the Ketchikan Borough Assembly and get it done, as it is costing thousands a year for our blood pressure medicines and for the public to pay to get rid of the junk.

There is the technology with wireless repeaters to set this up , if not then we might as well give up.


Tom Ferry
Ketchikan, AK

Received January 28, 2008 - Published January 29, 2008


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