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By Jerry Cegelske


January 26, 2008

I don't know how you react when someone comes onto your property and dumps their trash for you to clean up, but it happens frequently in Ketchikan and it is often on property owned by the Borough. The landfill challenged individuals that are too selfish to take care of their trash want the taxpayers of the Borough to clean up after them, while putting people at risk with hazardous materials.

Many times Borough residents do not know the effort that goes into cleaning up trashed areas, the efforts to keep them clean for any length of time, or what it costs.

Last spring while many of us were out fishing for that Derby winning king salmon, Girl Scouts Anna Warmuth, Sydney Nichols, Lillian Vaughn, and Eva Muzika took time to do their part in keeping the Borough clean. They spent their Saturday cleaning up the Borough rockpit (your property) at Mile 15.9 N. Tongass.

jpg Community Service

Girl Scouts: Anna Warmuth, Sydney Nichols, Lillian Vaughn, and Eva Muzika after cleaning up the rockpit at Mile 15.9 N. Tongass. Note the bags of trash they gathered pictured behind them.
Photograph by Jerry Cegelske

Unfortunately some people subsequently chose to use the area as a shooting gallery and afterward left their trash lying around after they had their fun. Others used it as a refuse dump to place the bones from the deer they shot. Either way they make it difficult for others to use the property until it gets cleaned up again.

It is disappointing that people feel the need to disparage the efforts of four small Girl Scouts and their leaders by not taking the small effort to clean up their litter or to take their trash to the landfill. All the Scouts wanted to do was make the place they call home a better place for all of us by cleaning it up.

I guess the people that trash public land take the view that the Borough and State have enough money that it can be spent cleaning up these areas over and over again. Money spent on cleaning these areas could be better spent on the needs of students, schools, seniors, bus riders, ferry users and others.

To Anna, Sydney, Lillian, Eva and their leaders, "Thank you" for your work, many in the Borough appreciate and support your efforts.

Jerry Cegelske
Borough Code Enforcement Officer
Ketchikan, AK


Fire extinguishers and other trash left at the rockpit. They don't explode in a spectacular manner, the pressure is released and some of the powder leaks out.

A shot up television- note the thickness of the glass on the ground.

Deer bones dumped at the rockpit.

Some of the fire extinguishers collected were purchased second hand as they had $1.00 price tags on them.

A partially burned chair left near the waterline and hiking trail

A pile of used lumber dumped near Mile 1.3 Revilla Rd.

A shop vacuum canister tossed along Revilla Road.

Received January 23, 2008 - Published January 26, 2008



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