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Reduced Ferry Service
By Nancy York


January 22, 2008
Tuesday PM

I am disappointed because the Alaska Marine Highway will be reducing the number of ships making the Southeast rounds. I love visiting southeast Alaska, especially Ketchikan. I had plans to visit Ketchikan all summer long with my camper. However, a ticketing agent from Alaska Marine Highway told me to schedule early and make a reservation due to the reduced ferry service. I do not want to follow such a rigid schedule when I am on vacation and would rather board the ship as a standby. If I get lucky choosing the standby option then I will stay in Ketchikan for 3 months, spend my money at your campgrounds and RV park, and no doubt spend my money at your supermarkets, knick-knack shops, restaurants, and other tourist related activities (of course, not those jewelry shops... no-o-o, never at the jewelry shops...). I am fully aware of the safety issues involved in repairing an AMH ship, after all, safety is the issue for Marine Highway public transportation.
The other alternative I have is to spend my summer on Vancouver Island, British Columbia especially if I cannot get that ride on the AMH ship. The price of fuel and and other local fees incurred on locals living in Ketchikan as well as elsewhere, e.g., here in Oregon are also going up so finances are tight for some of us.

Your Alaska state tax dollars can afford new IFA ferries so why can't those tax dollars bid for a new Fleet of AMH ferries?

With my restricted budget, visiting Canada this summer is looking pretty good!

I am sure there are thousands of other folks wanting to visit Ketchikan in addition to other lovely little towns of southeast Alaska, but due to the breakdown of ships, visiting Ketchikan and contributing to your economy is just not in the cards.

Sincerely going to Canada,

Nancy York
Florence, OR

About: Former Ketchikan resident -- 15 years. Widow of the late Peter York, a famous and sometimes through the eyes of others a rather infamous contributor to the the SitNews editorial section.

Received January 22, 2008 - Published January 22, 2008


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