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A community library
By Lindsey Bolling


January 22, 2008
Tuesday PM

In response to the library comment by Mr. Robert Warner, I believe that there are many points that can be refuted. The first point that I feel is incorrect is the internet issue. The internet is a very new thing to the library especially when considering how for a few thousand years there was not the world wide web. The main attraction, I believe is not for the internet.

A library has a historical importance in society. A public library is resource for all community members especially children and elders. Libraries offer information from books, CDs, magazines, copies, and the internet.

Children use the library in so many ways. How often does Mrs. Glover put activities on for children of all ages? All the time! Kids love that resource.

Elders use the library to read and entertain themselves. I believe that a library helps bring together different generations to one common ground.

While I am 23 and am part of internet generation., I do not like to use the internet for my school research or research in general. Books are more reliable resources than the internet to find things. I also belong to a book club here in town and I regularly use the library to check out these books. I cant afford to buy each one and a library is a great resource for those that don't have a lot money but still enjoy learning and reading. The internet is by far a small aspect of the library.

The public library cant be moved to the university. None the less, the UAS library has a completely different shelving and stacking system, different resources and isn't funded by the borough through the same funds. This possibility wouldn't work.

The relevance of population decline... this gets me. I have never ran into a town that has seduced people into their community by their library. Just because our population may be declining currently, doesn't change the issue that the library needs a new location and a new structure. To entice people to move to a community, one must have community centers to go to, so perhaps in all actuality, a library as well as things like parks and the Recreation Center are all important things to fund.

There are very few options to a new library location. There have been a lot of different proposals that have been turned down and as it stands, those in command feel that this new location is the best one that they have got. While I am not attracted to the new location and do feel that this is unfortunate for people in that area of town and that their view would be ruined, one must look at other places in town where this happens. New buildings and structures are often blocked by other buildings. This is a function of development.

Please reconsider the significant function of a community library, as I believe that it is highly appreciated and utilized.

Lindsey Bolling
Ketchikan, AK

Received January 22, 2008 - Published January 22, 2008


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