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Gas Refinery just for Alaskans
By Don Hoff Jr.


January 22, 2008
Tuesday PM

All the talk to export Alaska natural gas line to the lower 48 via Canada is open for debate. I don't understand why one would export crude oil or natural gas out of the State of Alaska at wholesale prices and then buy it back at a premium prices? The price of a barrel of oil at about $100.00 a barrel and profits to Alaska are in the billions. Alaskans are paying over $3.25 a gallon at the gas pumps. Why don't we build a gas refinery in Alaska to provide cheap fuel just for Alaskans? One large oil and gas refinery can not cost that much to construct, considering the price of oil and gas being sold today.

Let the State of Alaska own and build the oil and gas refinery. The State of Alaska will set gas prices just for Alaskans. Plus, we would refine the fuels that would sustain Alaska's needs and export the rest of the oil and gas. All the natural resources belong to Alaskans and Alaskans should enjoy the benefits of our natural resources exploited at the very least.

The State of Alaska should take care of Alaskans first! Cheap fuels are a good start. After all, it is your Oil and Gas that is being exploited by big oil companies that don't care about you or the environment. This is my opinion.

Don Hoff Jr.
Hixson, TN

About: "Past: Vice Mayor and City Councilman - City of Ketchikan. Past K.P.U. Board of Director. Past O.H.S.A Chairman and Boardmember - State of Alaska"

Received January 20, 2008 - Published January 22, 2008


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