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Alaska Marine Highway
By Paula Peterson


January 14, 2008

I was born and raised in S.E. Alaska. I am 51 years old, so I've seen a few things during my life. One of the things that I have seen is how important the Alaska State Ferry System is to S.E. Alaska. Alaska is vast and complex when it comes to public transportation and so the Alaska State Ferry System was formed to address the complexity of public transportation in S.E.

I believe this system needs a very realistic study to see how it can be improved; I believe that the people of not only S.E. Alaska, but anyone who has used this form of transportation should weigh in now how important it is to travel in S.E. Alaska.

It seems that our legislature is doing its utmost to get rid of the Alaska Marine Highway System. I say this because over the years, I've seen some really stupid attempts to change this system. I am only high school educated and even I know that the system isn't working due to mismanagement.

Over the years, I've heard how the Alaskans up north feel too much money is spent on keeping the Alaska State Marine Highway. I would like to see a complete cost analyst on the cost to maintain the roads in the rest of the state that are on the mainland. I believe that the findings would prove that what is spent to maintain and improve the Alaska Marine Highway System would probably be even less expensive.

People who don't know, or those who don't take the time to find out, are unaware about why the Alaska Marine Highway System was formed for in the first place.

This is "The" Highway System for S.E. Alaska; a very important form of public transportation. I think it would be nice to see the documented History of the Alaska Marine Highway.

Paula Peterson
Kasaan, AK


Received January 12, 2008 - Published January 14, 2008


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