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Saga of the Missing Bus Benches
By Carol Baines


January 12, 2008
Saturday AM

I don't mean to belabor this topic, but I feel it's important to address this: I think it's unnecessary to go through the expense of re-installing special benches that prohibit someone sleeping there at night. The previous benches seemed to be appropriate and functional.

I've never seen anyone sleeping there during the day or evening; however, I'm not in that area late at night. I can't imagine anyone wanting to sleep there overnight in this climate and risk hypothermia, especially on a hard wooden bench. If it's true that someone takes a nap there -- and if it's not during the buses' hours of operation -- I don't know why it would be problematic. I saw a man sitting there once eating Chinese food out of a carton, but it didn't bother me.

Actually at this point, most people probably don't care what kinds of benches are reinstalled, as long as they can sit down and wait for a bus. Many homeless men are veterans, by the way.

Carol Baines
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Retired Medical Transcriber"

Received January 11, 2008 - Published January 12, 2008


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