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Library location is very bad choice
By Charles Edwardson


January 02, 2008
Wednesday AM

In regards to the library location site selected by the Ketchikan City Council, is this same council that passed the 10% grade ordinance for roads recently for new construction? My interest in this subject is driven by the fact that both access roads to the new library site chosen, appear to be well in excess of a 10% grade.

Is this going to be the first exception to the new ruling / as both roads going up to the new site appear to exceed the 10%ordinance? Not to mention it is not even on the bus route and has little potential for adequate parking, etc, etc, it is so obvious I do not think listing the disadvantages to this site is even necessary.

My previous comments in SitNews alluded to the fact that I do not think the City Council knows what they are passing in many cases. I am validated in my opinion now more than ever. There is a cause and effect to every action, these causes and effects seem to be of little interest to some.

A friend of mine said to me after discussion on many of the City Council's actions lately and he shared the opinion that little thought seems to be going into their decisions. He shrugged his shoulders and said "you can't fight city hall" I almost shrugged my shoulders and agreed but than my inner adult came to the surface and fought that urge to agree with him and not question anything and just go along with the flow. I think too many times we as citizens have that tendency to let someone else worry about it and try not to get involved but retain the right to complain.

I have tried contacting the council through the website addresses provided on their website to ask some of these questions so they can inform me on to what leads to their decision making process. So I do not have to waste their time and mine at the podium -- but no one responds.Their decisions are made prior to a regular meeting anyway and they have already decided on how they are going to vote prior to public comment so by trying to initiate dialogue by personal contact is the best way to share information. That's ok, I am used to that response from staff and my own council at KIC when they do not have an answer they simply ignore me.

At some point common sense should prevail and when things finally get to be to out of touch with reality people tend to get out and vote. But Ketchikan has a very high tolerance for just letting things ride and hope for the best. In most cases this attitude works out to some degree, but this approach should not be taken for monitoring our City Council and their actions that affect us all.

I hear many people contemplating on what seems to be ill advised actions by our City Council and many more people complaining about stupid decisions, than the few of us that write these letters. But with only a few of us voicing our opinions -- that many share but will not voice -- things seem to just keep on plodding along. And I and those few people who actually dare to question or criticize seem to be trouble makers, all the while many are sitting here nodding their heads in secret agreement. Careful someone may see you.

Charles Edwardson
Ketchikan, AK

Received December 31, 2007 - Published January 02, 2008


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