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Governor Submits Ethics Bill to State Legislators
Focuses on Restoring Trust in Government


January 25, 2007

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin announced today the introduction of her ethics bill into the State House and Senate Chambers.

"This bill cleans up our executive house and provides greater transparency," said Governor Palin. "We need to assure Alaskans that we are working for them and ensure that they have no doubt as to the intent of our decisions. As we work closely with the legislators on ethics reform, I look to swift passage so that we may also tackle PERS / TRS and the gasline bill this session."

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Ethics Reform is Overdue
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Restoring Trust is Most Important
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Public Officials Must Disclose
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Define a Conflict of Interest
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Governor Palin's ethics bill addresses six major areas:

  • Greater access to campaign and financial disclosure reports through mandatory electronic filings
    • Requires candidates, groups, legislators, and public officials to file disclosure forms electronically with APOC
  • More detail in financial disclosures
    • If lawmakers and other public officials receive more than $1,000 for work, they must specify how much they received, how many hours they worked to earn it, and describe, in detail, the nature of their work
  • Full and prompt disclosure of interests after leaving public office
    • Requires lawmakers and other public officials who leave office to report financial and business interests within 90 days upon leaving office
  • Further defines conflict of interest
    • Helps clear up ambiguities about when public officials have a conflict of interest, including standards for the executive branch which define when the value of their stock or business interest is significant
  • Bans gifts from lobbyists to all public officials, including staff
    • Prohibits executive branch officials from accepting gifts from a lobbyist, unless the lobbyist is an immediate family member
  • Tightens certain employment restrictions after leaving public office
    • Tightens existing employment restrictions that apply for two years after leaving the executive branch by eliminating exception for work on legislation and regulations
    • Extends current one-year ban on lobbying to apply to more positions in the executive branch

"Alaskans have to trust that each of us is working in the state's best interest and not for the advancement of our own," added Governor Palin. "We need to make sure, for example, that key staff who participate in things such as confidential gasline negotiations on behalf of the state, be prohibited from leaving their positions here to begin working immediately on the opposite side of the table." Under the bill, all provisions would be effective immediately, with the exception of electronic filing, which would take effect July 1, 2007.


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