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Officials to address code enforcement &
fire prevention changes and improvements


January 19, 2007

Ketchikan, Alaska - The Ketchikan Fire Department and City of Ketchikan Building Officials will be at The Ted Ferry Civic Center on January 29th from 1:00 pm until 3:00 pm providing "Fire Prevention and Code Enforcement" information for members of the Ketchikan business community.



During this 2-hour session officials will provide information and handout materials regarding some of the changes and improvements that are taking place regarding fire code enforcement and fire prevention activities in the City. There will also be time to answer some of the questions local business people may have regarding Ketchikan's deferral from the State Fire Marshal's office.

Topics will include:

Adoption of The 2006 International Fire Code: and other Building, Electrical, and Mechanical codes including a description of the Ketchikan Fire Marshal duties with the transfer of duties from the State to The City.

Sprinkler Systems: Their purpose, maintenance issues, vacant buildings, and the importance of well maintained systems, especially in Ketchikan's downtown district.

KnoxTM, Boxes: Secure key boxes, accessible by local fire officials only, that allows for °after hours°± rapid fire department access to a building in the event of a fire call or other event at that location. Do you have one? Are you required to have one? Would you like to get one?

Changes of Business Address: and/or Occupancy changes to a building.

Local Contact Information: will also be discussed: Information provided to the Fire and Police Department in the event of a problem with the business "after-hours" or in the "off-season".

Business Inspections, Pre-Incident Planning for Firefighters, Plan reviews, Citations, and "what can happen if there are non-compliance issues"

Fire Marshal Richard Tombaugh will also be making an announcement of this event at the Chamber Luncheon on January 24th.

Seating will be limited on January 29th so if you are interested in attending, contact Fire Marshal Richard Tombaugh or Assistant Fire Chief Jim Hill by calling 225-5940 or 225-9617 to sign up or if you have any questions regarding fire prevention or fire-code enforcement.



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