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Jazz and Cabaret Performance
By Karen Eakes


January 31, 2007
Wednesday AM

Dear Editor,

Kudos to Ketchikan's First City Players and their 9th Annual Jazz and Cabaret events of this past weekend! Through the artistry and guidance of New York guests Anne Phillips, Bob Kindred, Paul Meyers and Matt Perry, our community, both performers and attendees, received a tremendous treat.

I appreciated every performance, but a special highlight was the youth choir that performed on Sunday afternoon at Kayhi. This group was made up of well over 100 elementary and middle school students from six different schools in the community and they were spectacular! Their songs were filled with fun, energy, and the pure joy and pleasure of singing. In addition, their behavior as performers was exemplary. It was wonderful to see children joining together in such a positive manner and having an asset building experience they will always remember.


Karen Eakes
Ketchikan, AK

Received January 30, 2007 - Published January 31, 2006

About: PATCHWorks director, School Board member and citizen of Ketchikan for 36 years.




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