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By Terrance H. Booth, Sr.


January 30, 2007
Tuesday AM

Regarding the Native Nations Sustainable Alliance Tsimshian Canoe Journey/Project, due to the overwhelming positive response to this historic canoe journey we have chosen to postpone this heraldic event. A collective decision by the parties involved agree that in order to carry out this symbolic journey in the style befitting for Tsimshian people and to properly honor our collective history, we need more time to prepare for such a memorable salute to our Tsimshian history.

TWO important updates to the journey are as follows.

FIRST, we are pleased to inform you that the distribution of a hereditary chief's name/ceremony will be carried out on Aug 7th in lieu of the canoe journey being delayed. We invite all who would like to witness this age old tradition and ceremony over the Founder's Day celebration this coming Aug 7, 2007

SECOND, after careful consideration, we believe that a historic journey from New Metlakatla, Alaska to Canadian, Tsimshian country would be more symbolic of our theme, Reconnecting Ties. As you all know, Alaskan Tsimshians are collectively tied to our ancestral home in British Columbia. Since our name literally translates into the People of the Skeena, we felt it more fitting to reconnect to our hereditary land and legacy we share in common with all Tsimshian people. Tsimshian's live all over the world and yet we all have one common root. We originate from the same magnificent land. As we journey from Alaska to Canada just as our ancestors did, we hope to hold hands together with all our Tsimshian brothers and sisters. That is what reconnecting ties is all about.

As we continue to plan and fund raise we welcome any suggestions, questions, donations or words of encouragement as we build for a truly epochal celebration that will transcend borders and unite the Tsimshian Nation. Our projected budget for all participating from Washington State, Prince Rupert, BC and Alaska is at $2.5 million dollars for the entire Tsimshian Nation's Cultural Event.

Historic event is postponed until complete funding is in place no established dates until we have funding for the Tsimshian Cultural Event for Native Nations Sustainable Alliance is a Native Non-profit and does have a tax identification number. We are incorporated under Tribal Law and Jurisdiction with Hoopa Valley Tribal Council using their tribal incorporating powers qualifying as a 501 (c) 3 tax codes for non-profits.

We do accept donations or contributions or if corporation wants to sponsor us contact: Eli Milton at: jadesign1[at] or Terrance H. Booth, Sr. at: terrancehboothsr[at]

Or send Checks to:

Native Nations Sustainable Alliance
Tsimshian Cultural Projects
PO Box 93653
Phoenix, Arizona 85070-3653

Help us write a new page in Tsimshian modern day history and participate with us by your generous contributions.

Terrance H. Booth, Sr.
Metlakatla, AK

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