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Elected Officials
By Charlie Johnson


January 29, 2007
Monday PM

How many "elected" people do we have working "for" us? What exactly are they doing?

Why is it that only two of them have the moxie to speak out on a forum of their peers, where the rules of the organized public meeting do not apply?

Other assembly people...and supposed leaders, read this forum.

Tons of people have turned to this forum to see how the people of this tiny community feel about what is going on around them.

Thank you John for stepping up, and not being afraid to be heard.

How do I feel...

The Airporter didn't make it, sorry! But does the Borough really needs to change the regulations in such a way to guarantee that no one else can succeed either? Yet another example of creating or raising a fee without providing a better service.

Taxes... I don't own property yet, but this seriously puts a damper on how I look at investing in this town. I look around and see a lot of promise for a future, but in a self-inflated manner, to look wealthier than we are (hence all of the stores "downtown" are closed right now).

By the way, downtown Ketchikan starts at Silver Lining and goes to the hospital.

I will save my love of jewelry for later. (If you want to tax something...)

Charlie Johnson
Ketchikan, AK

Received January 29, 2007 - Published January 29, 2006

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