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Health Insurance
By Alan Lidstone


January 28, 2007
Sunday PM

The President announced a new program to provide for a $7500/$15000 tax deduction for single/married taxpayers for medical insurance and making the value of employer-provided medical coverage taxable in the recent State of the Union speech.

Like many Americans, I am concerned that that the availability of medical care to Americans is severely inadequate. I have serious reservations about the value of the Administration proposal presented.

Preliminary estimates indicate that about 20% of the population would have pay increased taxes. The plan makes no adjustments for the variations in the cost of medical insurance affected by health factors that increase the cost of coverage, or the variations depending on the specific location where the taxpayer lives.

In addition, the President indicated that his proposal, while increasing the taxes for 20% of the 160-million people covered by employer-provided plans. The proposed plan is decrease the amount of uninsured people by 3-million to 5-million.

The NY Times summed it up in a 1/27/07 editiorial where the stated "The economic rationale for Mr. Bush s proposal is that too many people have gold-plated, deluxe health insurance, which encourages them to use excessive amounts of health care, driving up costs for everyone."

I have three questions:

(1) Does the President think Medicare Parts A, B, and D or Tricare fall into the "gold-plated deluxe" health insurance category?

(2) Does the proposal consider the medical care provided by the Veterans Administration to fall into the "gold-plated deluxe" health insurance category?

(3) Does the proposal consider the medical care that Vice-President Cheney and other high-level Executive Branch and Congressional members who never served in the Armed Forces obtain free care at Walter Reed and Bestheda medical facilities to fall into gold-plated, deluxe health insurance category?


Alan Lidstone
Venice, FL

Received January 28, 2007 - Published January 28, 2006

About: Retired computer systems engineer and Naval Officer



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