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57% property tax increase
By Mike Isaac


January 26, 2007
Friday PM

After reading Hunter Davis' letter regarding his tax increase of 57% for painting his house, I thought I would suggest that the angry tax payers of Ketchikan look into getting a law on the ballot this fall (2007 or 2009, Liberals tend to votes in fewer numbers in off year elections). A law like California's Prop 13. Under prop 13 you pay 1.1% of the purchase price of the home. If you paid $500,000 for your house, your tax would be $5,500 a year with yearly maximum increase of 2% of that $5,500 year's tax bill. So the next year you may pay $5,610 if your tax assessor is not running for re-election or seeking higher office.

Also for any other tax increases that your city council or borough assembly may want to pass, it takes a 2/3 or 66.7% of the vote and the increases must go for something like a bridge or new school fox a stated numbers of years.

You may have to do this statewide - Alaska is a RED STATE. Other states like Colorado have passed laws like Prop 13, so it can be done. However the LEFT and their comrades in the media will make up all kinds of lies about how this law will destroy the state, schools, roads, welfare programs and other social programs. They will launch personal attacks. The left also will point to California's public schools and try to blame Prop 13, when the truth is California would be running a surplus and have the best schools if we had a president that could secure our borders and put our troops on the southern border instead of that middle eastern meat grinder. That fool cost this state 10.9 billion a year on jailing and educating ILLEGALS but that another topic for another day.

Anyway public office holders fear angry overtaxed property owners the most because they show up at the polls in greater numbers - and don't forget.

And remember Ketchikan, you have the power to put this on the ballot by gathering a few signatures. Here is a link that may help

Mike Isaac
Crestline, CA

Received January 26, 2007 - Published January 26, 2007

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