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Tax Increases
By Charlotte Tanner


January 26, 2007
Friday PM

I, too, am intrigued with these tax increases. I have a dilapilated old building on my property that used to be a barn. It is falling apart, I talked an assessor into lowering the assessment to $900 the last time it was assessed, the winds this winter have blown a lot more of the T1-11 off of it, I suppose this will increase its value 10 fold in the assessor's eyes. Meanwhile the fire department has raised its $100 fee on it to $200 when I would actually be delighted if it burned down. I realize taxes are a necessary part of a functioning society, it is unfortunate that Ketchikan does not appear to be functioning particularly well.

Charlotte Tanner
Ketchikan, AK

Received January 26, 2007 - Published January 26, 2007

About: "A longtime Ketchikan resident who is currently serving as a Vista Volunteer in Louisville, KY, for a year.



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