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Shuttle To Airport
By Ken Levy


January 25, 2007
Thursday PM

Well it's been almost a month now since the Airporter shut down. Funny thing about living on this island, the locals have an answer for everything, but nobody really knows what is going on. I asked a taxi driver yesterday what's the deal with a new service to the Airport.

He said, " I think there are a couple of guys trying to buy the business in time for the tourist season."

So if this is true why not let Ketchikan residents in on what's going on with this issue.

I can understand building a bridge to nowhere, or even the stalemate on the aquarium, but why is this such a big deal?

There are many people that are starting to plan summer trips now that would be interested in the status of the Airport service. I'm one of them.

Does anyone in this town know anything about what's going on?

If so, please let us in on the latest.

Thank You,

Ken Levy
Ketchikan, AK

Received January 25, 2007 - Published January 25, 2007

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