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Increased Property Taxes
By Michael Spence


January 23, 2007

No one should be terribly surprised with the recent increase in Ketchikan Borough property taxes.

After all, it comes after several years of big spending by the Borough using federal transportation and relief money to buy roads on Gravina and subsidize certain for-profit industries. Now that the federal dollars may appear not to be flowing as easily as they once did, guess whose deep pockets will pay now? It may not be a pretty picture for taxpayers, but it was predictable.

And it isn't over yet! The spending spree is still full swing, as we embark yet another year of the 'Quest For The Holy Bridge'. Even if the bridge is never built, the borough taxpayers will still be paying for the add-ons that were created before it was built. If it is built, God help us, but plan on more tax increases to pay for its maintenance and administration.

Increased property valuations are a convenient rationale to raise taxes. Rest assured, in the unlikely event the valuations go down, the mill rate will go up.

Michael Spence
Ketchikan, AK

Received January 23, 2007 - Published January 23, 2007

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