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Ketchikan Property Tax Assessments
By Hunter Davis


January 22, 2007

Concerning the new property assessments, mine jumped 57 (yes, fifty-seven) percent. For a paint job? Our land decreased and our improvements took off like a Space Shuttle.

There has been no changes to square footage, still the same since it was built in 1908. No changes to the interior, no changes to amenities, but we did get a badly needed paint job (which is already blistering).

When we purchased the house, the VA would not lend us the asking price. They could not get a current appraisal (I know, not the same, but that is another sore spot) because there were no similar houses sold within the city for the rating period. So who exactly am I being compared to? This is a 99 year old house, in one of the oldest sections of the city. There are newer, bigger homes up on the ridge, are they being used as comparison?

Disgruntled, dismayed, and Disgusted,

Hunter Davis
Ketchikan, AK

Received January 21, 2007 - Published January 22, 2007

About: "Short term (7 yrs) resident of Ketchikan."



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