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Let's walk the talk when it comes to the kids in Ketchikan.
By Patti Fay Hickox


January 19, 2007

300 Ketchikan people surveyed and they say "kids are important in our community." Who are we kidding? We surveyed the kids twice (2 times). And twice 20 percent of the kids said, "community values youth." That means twice (2 times) 80% said "community does not value youths."

Revilla Island Prevention Coalition (meets once a month) contact A coalition of different people that meet once a month to help prevent substance abuse in our youths. This coalition has been going on for years. Many of our agencies participate in this coalition. They need volunteers. Since that survey "Big Brothers and Big Sisters" meets once a month. They need mentors or advisory committees. We have the "Boys and Girls Club." I bet they could use volunteers. "Ketchikan Youth Court." They need volunteers. Many people in this Town have been working to change the stats. We don't need more talk. We need volunteers to "walk the talk." "The Asset Program" PATCHWorks @ Public Health has been working for years to get people together to help our children. "The Family Day Celebration" started by W.I.S.H. has been going on for years. To be a good example to families and show them how to have fun together. People learn by example.

That substance abuse was low on the list is part of the problem. This is a big problem when it comes to neglecting children. "30 days of treatment is not enough time to learn "how to live sober an enjoy your children." In the recovery community we call this a "spin dry." Yes! You have the alcohol and drugs mostly our of your system, But now you need examples and support to live a sober life. What do we do? Close our only halfway house. TLC. And kick the people out on the street. "Put them in jail. Make them a criminal." Cut the budget for treatment centers. If you were raised in a home with substance abuse, you do not get examples of having fun without alcohol and drugs. How can you have fun with your kids if you don't know how and you have no EXAMPLES.

My husband had many years in AA. He also was a minister and had many years working in a church. When I would get tired because of my own volunteering he said, "Patti you can count on 3% of the people in AA to do all the work. And you can count on 3% of the people in the church to do all the work." It's always the same 3%. If you are tired don't volunteer for a while. You can always get back to it. Let's get more that 3% of our people to volunteer.

Be a mentor, be an Asset to a child. You can change their life forever.


Patti Fay Hickox
Ketchikan, AK

Received January 18, 2007 - Published January 19, 2007

About: "Patti Fay Hickox, Long time Ketchikan resident and has been working with children and families with addiction problems. Retired Now."


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