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By Ken Bylund


January 19, 2007

Anyone miss the Ketchikan Gateway Borough's Real Property Assessed Valuation for 2007 in his or her mailbox yesterday? After the Consolidation Vote mailer slid unnoticed into so many trashcans without more than a confused shrug, concern is many may not notice paying a mortgage increase to the bank as the system will spread the pain over years, an ingenious bit of mental Novocain for the weary.

What do we get for the tax increase? Where does it go? Someone actually tied the increase to Consolidation losing. As if Consolidation had won, we might not be seeing this increase, perhaps... the increase would have been easier to hide in those muddy waters of reorganization; or maybe we are being punished for voting it down?

Even heard someone remark that paying taxes to the Borough is somehow connected to supporting our soldiers in Iraq, think it's unpatriotic to question the political leaders and their agents ruling our community? Probably depends on where you work and from where your pension is funded.

Alaska or Ketchikan is not immune to bankruptcy. Look at Enron, World Com and now General Motors Co.; lords of the universe taking enormous salaries at the top of the food chain and the growing employee roles with pension and health-care overwhelming the profit from their production, an example of the parasite killing its host.

The Tax source/valuation for assessments is taken directly from real estate agents sales figures; like that? We live in the far north end, water and sewer, ours... so what do we want/ask/get from the Borough? A Veneer plant humming along with world renowned efficiency, haven't heard about that lately; but got to admit the schools are truly five star phenomena's... but we are still squinting with distrust from the Schoenbar financial disaster; see transparency or accountability?

Congratulations on voting YES for Proposition 2 last fall; should be a huge tax windfall soon, never mind the hysterical resistance from our politicians, newspapers and souvenir/jewelry merchants living from the Knott's Berry Farm environment they subject us to each summer. Howls of protest from these carneys who hire locals to nail plywood over the windows then give us the honor of painting graffiti on them [for our viewing pleasure] through the winter months and leave for the Caribbean or Australia. What will happen to those Cruise Ship Tax revenues?

Only difference between the culture we endure today and the feudal lords ruling medieval serfdom is now we vote who will be the lords. They choose and we vote... okay boys and girls, reading assignment... the Outline of History, by H.G. Wells. Where is the collective memory? That once altruistic filter for dishonest and predatory behavior has slipped back to the dark side.

An observation, not panic or whining... Americans should demand transparency and accountability. Shouldn't require a forensic financial team to assemble the bits and pieces of value gained or wasteful decisions consuming our tax burden.

Thank you SitNews for your perspective and vision that freedom of speech and the press might revive via the internet.


Ken Bylund
Ketchikan, AK

Received January 19, 2007 - Published January 19, 2007

About: "Borough Resident since 2000"


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Friday - January 19, 2007



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