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At what price glory?
By Valerie Cooper


January 17, 2007
Wednesday PM

Oooh I cannot look at all the fighting people, I stick my head in the rocks and cringe with distress. I just cannot fathom how people can kill?

How can they kill? This presumes to take the power of life and death out of the hands of the Higher Intelligence, and is against the dictates of all major religions.

How many have almost died who can actually imagine what it is like to be fatally wounded and hang on that precipice between life and death? Is this all just paperwork? How is it we have gotten to the point where we can so totally dehumanize other innocent human beings for ANY reason, as to ambush and slaughter?

And I'm not talkin' out in the front lines and people in uniform, who at least have chosen to be there in the name of whatever. I'm talking the "casualties", the 'suicide bombers' and all their victims, and all those young kids and the ones in uniforms who are the sacrificial lambs. What kind of 'civilized society' condones this? Remember the fall of Rome. Next it'll be Caligula... ;-)

I may not be such an ideal person, but one thing to live by is the Golden Rule. All people are as important as any other.

It's all about fossil fuels, isn't it? How come this unrenewable resource is still being drained between the geologic plates which are unstable and causing earthquakes and tsunamis? Did I miss something?
Didn't someone invent biodiesel (at least) and such a somewhat fast-moving machine electrically-charged - or something as refined as a 'Smart Car'? We HAVE the technology. Anything's better than living within 5 minutes of the 'Doomsday Clock's doomsday.

I feel like Rumpelstiltskin, and I have to say "Huh? I think the kids want a planet to live on without the threat of the accelerating Ice Age after the global warming gets done..." (duh!)

So in conclusion I query - at what price glory?

Valerie Cooper
Ketchikan, AK

Received January 17, 2007 - Published January 17, 2007




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