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The Internet Economy
By Rick Grams


January 15, 2007
Monday PM

The vast amount of Internet tools available for business continues to be competitive at cut-throat prices. I just purchased a full year's worth of long distance from Skype for $14.95 with an unlimited amount of minutes (read this as a flat rate for the year). This is amazing to me, since I live in a location where my cell phone costs $70/mo, my Internet connection is $71/mo, and my cable is $102/mo. At least in the area of long distance calling, the Internet economy allows us to save a great deal of money over the course of this next year.

While the traditional phone line forces you to use a desktop phone or a wireless phone which you carry in your hand, software has advanced to a level of replacing the traditional tools. Skype is an example of such a software program which can be downloaded to your computer for the purposes of long distance calls. Similar products exist such as the Yahoo instant messaging program, Microsoft Live Messenger , and even Google's messenger (allows for free calls).

Adding to the 21st century experience is a simplistic piece of cell phone hardware that can be used to make your experience even better! Check out the Iogear wireless USB adapter . This device (roughly $50) allows you to use the bluetooth headset that works with your cell phone to also work with your computer. If your computer uses software that allows long distance calling, you now have the ability to use your cell phone headset for a dual purpose! This type of scenario is exactly what makes technology the best business tool around.

Rick Grams
Ketchikan, AK

Received January 15, 2007 - Published January 15, 2007


About: "Rick Grams has lived in Ketchikan since June of 2000. Rick is in the process of completing a dual Masters Degree in Management with an emphasis in Information Technology and Masters in Business Administration. Rick comes from an extensive background of implementing technology in various business areas."




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