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COURT TV® EXTRA To Offer Live Coverage of Alaska V. Waterman Trial


January 24, 2006
Tuesday AM

Ketchikan, Alaska - Court TV announced today that Court TV Extra, their online service that brings subscribers multiple live video feeds from courtrooms across the country, will stream the first degree murder trial of Rachelle Waterman, 16, live from the Diamond Courthouse in Juneau, AK.

Waterman from Craig, Alaska is alleged to have conspired in the murder of her mother Lauri, 48. According to the announcement, the trial is scheduled to begin tomorrow on the network's web-based service and can be accessed on Court TV's website at

Rachelle Waterman's alleged co-conspirators were two former boyfriends, Jason Arrant and Brian Radel. Rachelle Waterman often discussed her dislike of her mother on her Internet blog, "My Crappy Life, the Inside Look of an Insane Person." Although Arrant and Radel are expected to testify that Waterman asked them to murder her mother, Waterman has pleaded not guilty.

Court TV Extra provides continuous, multiplexed trial coverage using streaming video. The subscription service brings subscribers live video feeds from courtrooms across the country directly to their PCs. Users can choose which feed to watch at any given time, live and without interruption for commercials or commentary. The site also includes trial highlights, the latest legal news, and special reports that support Court TV's award-winning Web site,

Court TV Extra costs $5.95 per month, and is available to new users for a free trial period of 30 days.

Court TV News is taping the trial to air at a later date.

Court TV Online is the corporate umbrella for Court TV's four websites:,, and Court TV Extra. These websites are the premier source for comprehensive reporting, analysis, coverage and viewing of the country's most newsworthy trials, as well as in-depth investigative reporting and comprehensive accounts of significant historical crimes.

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