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Augustine Erupts Sending Ash 8 Miles High


January 17, 2006

Alaska's Augustine Volcano erupted this morning, sending an ash plume 8 1/2 miles into the air, officials at the Alaska Volcano Observatory said.

Based on seismicity, preliminary estimates by AVO indicate that this event is at least as energetic as the events of last week. Seismicity at Augustine remains elevated since this morning's explosive event at 7:58 A.M.

The Augustine volcano is located 171 miles southwest of Anchorage in the Cook Inlet. Alaska has 129 major volcanic areas and 44 volcanoes are listed as historically active.

Pyroclastic flow deposits
Augustine Volcano. Image taken during 1/16/06 gas overflight after the explosive events of 1/13/06 and 1/14/06. Image taken from the southeast showing pyroclastic flow deposits that extend to the southeast coast (some of which make ocean entry). Most of the pyroclastic flow deposits were constrained to the southeast sector but a few were observed on the north side of the volcano.
Picture Date: January 16, 2006 Image Creator: Shipman, Jill
Image courtesy of AVO/USGS.

Because winds were moving in different directions at different elevations, an ash fall advisory was issued this morning for communities along the southwest portion of the Kenai Peninsula and east of the volcano, in the Kamishak and Iliamna bays. However, by this afternoon the Anchorage Forecast Office of the National Weather Service said ash fall is no longer expected from this morning's eruption.

The explosive eruption that began at 7:58 A.M. AST ended at approximately 8:03 A.M. AST. According to information provided by the AVO, the level of concern color code was changed after this morning's eruption from ORANGE to RED.


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