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Airport disaster exercise planned


January 05, 2006

Ketchikan, Alaska - An airport disaster exercise is planned for this Saturday (January 7th) from 9am until noon. Participating in the diaster exercise are Ketchikan International Airport, Alaska Airlines, Ketchikan General Hospital, North Tongass Volunteer Fire Department, South Tongass Volunteer Fire Department, The City of Ketchikan, The Coast Guard Station Ketchikan, and The Ketchikan Fire Department.

The airport and ferry will continue normal operations during this time but emergency vehicles and personnel will be involved in simulated operations in the Tongass Narrows, at the airport, and in the vacinity of the airport parking lot (land side).

According to information provided by Jim Hill, Assistant Fire Chief Ketchikan Fire Department, there will likely be some smoke and emergency vehicle operations (lights/sirens) visible on the airport and also on the Ketchikan side which will be part of the simulatation exercise.

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