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Where to send a card?
By Jodi Goffinet


January 28, 2006

A co-worker's daughter actually brought this heartfelt question up and then my co-worker called the radio stations to find out if anything is being done, but nobody knows.

So I figured we could put it on Sitnews and hopefully someone might know or know how we would go about finding out.

First off I'm so glad and I'm sure everyone feels blessed and that someone higher up was watching over Ketchikan residents on 1/25/06 when the military jet flown by Steve Freeman came crashing down. One can hardly believe that with this fatal incident only the pilot Steve Freeman lost his life. I know that there is a mess to clean up and that the residents that are living there have not been able to go back to their homes, or their home is not there, but thank god everyone still has their life and Ketchikan is not mourning a local resident. I know that the Ketchikan community is helping. That is one of the things I like about Ketchikan is the lending of hands and how generous people are in whatever way they can help in this community.

With that being said it leads me to my question. Does anyone know where one could send a card or flowers or know if there is a fund set up for Steve's two small children? No, he was not one of our residents, friend, son, husband, Dad, etc. but he was somebody's and I'm sure he will be greatly missed. With reading about Steve Freeman I've learned that he is a retired Marine Major, currently working with the Department of Homeland Security, the best of the best in his field, trained Blue Angels how to fly, and working as a jet trainer for Red Air. I don't know how long his list is and probably never would have even known this man if this unfortunate tragedy did not happen. I truly believe that he hung in there until the end. Sacrificing his life to do the most he could do to not take another. I for one, and I know I'm not the only one, would like to let his family know how sorry I am that this happened.

If anyone knows or can find out how one might be able to do this can you please post it, or put it in the paper.

Thank you
Jodi Goffinet
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Jodi Goffinet has bee a Ketchikan resident since 1978


Ketchikan: To Send Condolences To The Freeman Family - In response to the many requests for contact information for the Freeman family, cards of condolences may be mailed to the following company address for Major Stephen Freeman's family.. - More....
Saturday - January 28, 2006



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