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Respectful article
By Tom Mabrey


January 27, 2006

I just wanted to thank you for your treatment of the article on Stephen Freeman.  It was perhaps one of the best articles that I have ever read in a newspaper.  I work for the same Aviation Law Enforcement Agency that Mr. Freeman was employed by.  And while I never met him I had heard only good things about him.  I think your article did a great job describing him as a person.  Especially the possibility that his demise may have been motivated by his desire to minimize danger to the Sitka residents from his crippled aircraft.  Mr. Freeman has the reputation in our Agency of being just the kind of person/pilot to think about the people on the ground before abandoning his aircraft.
As a further endorsement of your article I showed it to my wife.  Airplane crash articles are not commonly the type of thing pilots encourage their family to read.  But in this case I felt your work was too important for her to miss.  She had the same reaction that I did.   
Thank you for the good work and the respectful article about my co-worker.

Tom Mabrey



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