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By Susan White Hoff


January 27, 2006

I read with delight the opinions of my husband, Don Hoff and those that are opposed to his sometime hard tactic views.

When I saw this recently, it reminded me of the back and forth opinions by individuals on Sitnews.

Imagine we are all the same.
Imagine we agree about politics, religion and morality.
Imagine we like the same types of music, art, food and coffee.
Imagine we all look alike.
Sound boring?
Differences need not divide us.
Embrace diversity. Dignity and multiplicity is everyone's human right.
--Bill Brummel
Documentary filmmaker.
His programs focus on human rights issues.

Susan White Hoff
Hixson, TN - USA

About: Susan White Hoff is a former Ketchikan resident and wife of 9.5 years to Don Hoff ... "the most opinionated and compassionate man I know!"



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