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They were wearing their seatbelts
By Susan Bachant


January 27, 2006

My son Greg and his girlfriend were wearing their seatbelts. They both have the bruises and the broken collar bones where the belts were to prove it.

I would also like to remind people and ask them to please unless you know first hand to stop saying things that are hurtful to my children that are still in Ketchikan trying to deal with what has happened to two people that they love very much. My kids stayed out of school Wednesday because they could not take it any more.

These kids did not mean for any of this to happen at all. They made some stupid mistakes that they will have to live with for the rest of their lives. So please stop pointing fingers at them and learn some tollerance for the mistakes of youth.

To those of you who have shown us so much compassion we what to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we would not have been able to get through this without you. Updates on both kids may be found at Patient id is: Chapman and the password is: jessi&greg1

Susan Bachant
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: "Mother of the kids who lost control of their car and are fighting for their lives."



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