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Disaster Ready
By Cindy Taylor


January 27, 2006

It is nice to know "We are ready for disasters" that might happen in the Ketchikan area.

While my daughter Jennifer and I started our day on Jan. 25th it seemed normal until we heard that a military jet had crashed behind A & P. I was concerned because my brother was visiting his friend at the trailer court there.

As I began driving towards A & P several EMT vehicles were passing me, along with several volunteers. The traffic was kind of hectic but it slowly corrected itself.

My real amazement was how quickly the situation was under control. A & P was evacuated along with the trailer court, Pioneer Home and some private homes. The parking lot at A & P was cleared for emergency vehicles, and areas were taped off. It was not a scene of chaos or confusion.

The fire was put out very quickly while working the scene, although it is tragic about the pilot. It was also nice to know and see that bystanders didn't swarm the scene or get in the way.

Again, it is a great feeling to know that "We are ready".

Hats off to all the EMTs, Fire Fighters, and all the other agencies that responded to the accident behind A & P ON FEB. 25TH.


Cindy Taylor
Ketchikan, AK - USA



About: Cindy Taylor has been a Ketchikan Resident for 52 years and worked for the KGBSD.


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