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The children are watching
By Susan Walsh


January 25, 2006

As adults we may feel uncertain about how to handle bullying when we see or hear it. I would like to applaud Kim Kirby's efforts at addressing the deplorable bullying behavior exhibited at last week's chamber luncheon. She has once again given us a lesson in courage that we could all learn from.

I would like to thank the Ketchikan Daily News, Sitnews and KRBD for reporting in a matter-of-fact tone the events seen and heard. Why on earth the president of the chamber regrets this is beyond me. Shedding light on intolerance serves to correct bad behavior, not incite it. Why would we as community want to permit or promote this egregious performance? Undoubtedly, illuminating the problem delivered immediate consequences for the offender, as it should. The rapid apology submitted by said offender is hopefully a step in developing empathy and perspective for those he offended. People who bully may need help recognizing that their behavior is not OK according to societal norms, and they need to take responsibility for that behavior.

Thank you again for arousing the conscience of our community and thanks to those willing to speak out against such behavior.


Susan Walsh
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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