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Finding ways to "reorganize"
By Neil Gray


January 25, 2006

It's uncanny that Tom LaCompte's comments blended right in with what I was thinking BEFORE I read his letter. Having lived in the Leavenworth and Cannon Beach areas, plus visitations to Solvang on several ocassions, there's proof that towns who need an economic boost can do it. It takes cooperation, planning, and money. Granted, those three areas mentioned can draw visitors year round much easier than Ketchikan could, but you have to start somewhere. I recall the days when the timber and fishing industries were good, and tourism was nothing to talk about. Times change don't they? Communities in many parts of the country who have faced similar problems have found ways to "reorganize" and start over. I assume Ketchikan has the ability to do the same.

Neil Gray
E-mail: ngray(at)
Lakeside, CA - USA


About: Former 21 year resident of Ketchikan who still calls Ketchikan a "home town."

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