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Thank you Coach Craig
By Debra and Michael Dundas


January 25, 2006

We would like to publicly take the time to thank and acknowledge Coach Craig, of the Schoenbar Knights.

We are new to Ketchikan, moving from Metlakatla seven months ago. Our children have had a hard time adjusting to life without their life long friendships, Aunties and Uncles and of course Grand-ma and Grand-pa Beal. Being away from home and family has had their emotions all over the place.

In Metlakatla, basketball had always been a big part of our boys' lives, as it is here. Our son Warren was overjoyed when he learned he had made it on the Schoenbar Knights basketball team.

Coach Craig has made a tremendous difference in our son Warren's life! No it wasn't the sweatshirt you bought him in Juneau, or the extra treats. Nor was it the movie pass or the dinners in Prince Rupert. This thank-you is because you looked through what you saw on the outside and instead looked to the inside of our son, always allowing him to be himself. You capitalized on his potential and his strengths, boosting his sometimes weathered self-esteem. Thank-you for being more than a 'coach' but a friend and a positive role model, opening your heart up on and off the basketball court, allowing our son to be the 'best me' he could be. He realizes that he will never be over-looked if he is true to himself, not because of all the lessons learned on the court, but off the court as well.

With Appreciation and Respect,

Debra and Michael Dundas
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: Debra and Michael Dundas & children moved to Ketchikan seven months ago from Metlakatla.



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