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Weaning ourselves from "feel good liberal" programs?
By Charlotte Tanner


January 25, 2006

Rep. Vic Kohring states that "We should wean ourselves from the soft, liberal, "feel good" programs that are not prescribed by our constitution." I wonder if in a couple of years he will throw in public health, and education?

I, myself, suggest that we start by electing a Governor that can wean himself from a soft leather seated jet, that flies at his own convenience, a Governor that wants to throw money at bridges that go to islands where he and his comrades in politics, own property?

In my opinion curtailing the purchasing of private jets, and useless bridges, is a lot more fiscally responsible than curtailing public radio, tv, public health, and spending on education.

You know, all those soft feel good liberal programs that make life worth living.

Charlotte Tanner
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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