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Are we losing control?
By Robert McRoberts 


January 24, 2006

Oh boy can we ever stir up things these days. Don. I never said I didn't like reading your letters. Your arrogance cracks me up, however I do agree with a lot you say. I feel that your Native pride is over-kill. We all have history, we all love the ones that got us here. My grandmother and aunt traced our family history back as far as the Mayflower days. I was related to one of the explores. I have native blood from Nebraska I can not clearly remember the tribe, we ended up in southern California as farmers. During the revolutionary war we lost many cousins. The civil war same thing. But they fought to make America a place to be free. On my mother's side the history is shorter. They arrived just before the Civil War. On your way back to Ketchikan you can drive through the Wise Cemetery just outside of Denver. There you can see how many died fighting for a better country - without a choice they died. I am all alone these days - all my family elders are all gone. My grand dad fought in WW1 and my father in WW2, just to make this place a better place - keeping your rights from Communism. If at any time time these people would have lost our hold, where do you think you would be? I know it would not be so good. It's just the way it worked out. you are no better than me, but you have free health insurance and land. I've none and lord knows I could use it, before I die from heartburn. We are all the same, some just have to work harder than others to get the nice life. So let's move on together.
For the record I once supported the Bridge until the price was unrevealed, I have other more important uses for that money. Of course they are only my thoughts. But I have gotten an awful lot of others thinking so differently now because I was not afraid to voice my opinion. I just wonder how the Chamber of Commerce got so powerful. Why is there so much push coming from so few? I noticed when I put out my thoughts on this bridge, the then-head guy went to one of my jobs and jumped out and took a picture and left. Was he looking for something wrong to use against me? There's a small group out to push this bridge and others are riding along because they are in the congregation. It seems if you want community power you need to be in this elite group that have the time to take lunch breaks and listen to someone feed them crap - and I don't mean the food. You do not know what the rest of the community needs because we're all working just to stay afloat.
I have been reading other input on other sites and some conduct poles online about certain issues. Maybe we could do some thing like that and really see where we stand on our opinions. Some times when our letters are out there we feel all alone in our thoughts. If we could just know what every one else thought, maybe we wouldn't be fighting amongst ourselves. We were in the light last year for being the most wasteful, maybe this year we can show the people how we can work together and make use of all the good things - and there's a lot out there. Well I better get going I even have to work to day to get my customers caught up.
Well in closing, I just want too say to some of you S.O.B. folks, better lower your cholesterol levels because am going to run for Mayor. Heck maybe then I can get affordable heath insurance... just stoking the fire.

Have a good week and enjoy our great weather.
Robert McRoberts 
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: Robert McRoberts is the owner of a local construction company with 25 years experience building roads on Revilla.



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