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Thank You To The KIC Membership
By Rob Sanderson, Jr.


January 24, 2006

I would like to thank the KIC membership for their support during the recent elections.

Please use your rights as a tribal member and attend meetings. Your voice matters. It is important to hear facts and not half truths or second hand information that many members hear on the streets.

I would like to thank Martha Johnson for her kindness to myself and my son, Keenan.

I would like to thank all KIC employees for their hard work and dedication. We are the second largest tribe in the state and are growing rapidly.

I would like to congratulate Stephanie, Meryl, Terri and Willie. I would also like to commend the other candidates for throwing their names into the hat. There are no losers.

To Tribal Council members, past and present, it has been a pleasure working with you. I would encourage the new Tribal Council to keep the Tribal Hatchery. It has been a valuable training ground for youth and adults alike. We need to show that we can successfully generate economic development.

Please keep the culture committee active. The past culture/subsistence committee has worked tirelessly to bring KIC back up to speed. There is so much left to do. KIC has taken the lead in aerial/pesticide/herbicide spraying in the state of Alaska. We must not drop the ball on this issue. Thank you to Cheryl Haven for her hard work in this area.

The education committee must continue their hard work and dedication to the youth in our community. We must continue to empower the youth. They are the most important resource of our tribe, they are the future.

It is my hope that the new committees continue to show the dedication and give the time necessary for these committees to continue to grow.

Health is a top priority and we must strive for better communications with the KIC health board.

We all must move forward as one and confront issues as they come. It is time to go on the offensive instead of always being defensive.

In closing I would like to thank the esteemed elders of the tribe. You are the true leaders.

Thank you, it has been an honor serving all.


Rob Sanderson, Jr.
KIC member
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: Rob Sanderson, Jr. is an outgoing 4 year Ketchikan Indian Community Tribal Council member and a 6 year Central Council delegate, Ketchikan Chapter.



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