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Thank You
By Gigi Pilcher


January 24, 2006

I wanted to say how much I enjoy reading freelance writer Marie L. Monyak's articles, and to congratulate SitNews on receiving a Community Service Award from our Chamber of Commerce. The Ketchikan Chamber performs many worthy services in our community and has always been wonderful in recognizing deserving people and businesses for their contributions to our community each year.

SitNews is a real community asset allowing local folks to participate in many ways as well as the opportunity to submit stories and photographs for publication. I find the classified on SitNews to be as fascinating as the Police Report and Viewpoints!

Thanks to the editor, the photographers and all the contributors of SitNews! And to the web master, thank you for the many hours of work you put in each day to bring it all together so that with a few key strokes on our part, SitNews magically appears before our eyes!

I especially would like to express my appreciation to the advertisers who help make it possible for SitNews to stay online - freelance stories and news services aren't free. Thank you for the gift.

Gigi Pilcher
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: Gigi Pilcher is a long time resident of Ketchikan with 6 children, 5 dogs and five cats. She's an enrolled member of KIC, and currently employed as the Head Reindeer Wrangler for the Alaska Rainforest Santuary, and part owner of a small tour boat business, Awesome Adventures of Alaska.



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