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Alaska State Senate to Examine University
by Robert D. Warner


January 21, 2006

Recently the Alaska State Senate announced that it would appoint a special panel to examine policies and directions of the University of Alaska.  It apparently wants to know how the University spends its money and how this benefits the citizens of Alaska.  I believe that such a committee has been needed for decades. Hopefully it will have enough clout to make recommendations independent of pressure and lobbying from University administrators and Board of Regents.
Perhaps some basic questions can be addressed and answered by this committee:
1.  Could the committee provide a public listing and salaries for all University of Alaska administrators earning $100,000 or more per year?  Students and citizens deserve easy access to this public information.
2.  Why does the University need so many mid and high level administrators?  What can be done to significantally reduce this number? 
3.  Who determines the salaries of these University managers?  Should a outside panel set administrative salaries to reduce and contain these costs?
4.  Does it make good educational and fiscal sense to restore many of the community colleges eliminated by the 1987 restructuring of the University?  Why do so many other states find that community colleges are often the most economical and efficient way to deliver higher education services to citizens?
Lots of questions!  Hopefully we can get some answers!
Robert D. Warner
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Robert D. Warner has been aKetchikan Resident since 1972 and is a retired Ketchikan Campus faculty member.




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