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Newtown Plans
By Betty Lee Lien Marl McLendon


January 21, 2006

I read through the lit and totally agree but I think the stipulation should be made that all businesses should be year around - no closing for the winter like downtown. Makes the downtown look like a ghost town. I think those businesses should have to stay open all year around also. I think that local businesses should be encouraged (not hindered as the borough does to them). We need to build our town back up instead of killing it with touristy stuff. I was born and raised in Ketchikan and it breaks my heart that the town has been literally sold out to the cruise lines and tourist traps.

Betty Lee Lien Marl McLendon
Auburn, WA - USA


About: Betty Lee Lien Marl McLendon presently lives part of the year in Auburn, WA and part in Ketchikan, Alaska.  She was born in Ketchikan and her son who lives here owns a local business.  She graduated from Kayhi, worked at the Miner's and Merchant's Bank and the First National Bank.  Her father was O.M. Lien.  He owned the Pioneer Cabinet Shop, was on the school board locally and state, Salvation Army board, member of the Shriner's, Masonic Lodge, Lion's Club, Elk's Club, Son's of Norway, First Lutheran Church, as well as on the City Council, and was extremely active in the community.


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